Justice Matters

In Justice Matters, sisters find their grounding in Catholic Social Teaching.

Truly going to the margins

On a mission experience sponsored by the Sisters of Charity of Seton Hill to Ecuador in July, the final day on the schedule said: Medical services and mini-Olympics in a distant village. For most of the participants on the trip — sisters, teachers and volunteers — it was hard to imagine a place more remote than the small town where we had helped at a school for children with special needs that is sponsored by the Korean province of the Sisters of Charity of Seton Hill.

Solidarity is a demanding spiritual practice

You know, of course, what solidarity means, don't you? Or do you? In our time when humanity is pushed and pulled through a vast wilderness, when refugees are massively scorned, when parents cannot protect children against violence and hunger, and when riches are hoarded as if life and salvation depend on extraordinary accumulation, it seems an apt season to re-examine solidarity.

Oh, to be a woman

As I mingle among women, listen to their stories and watch their countenances, a big question arises in my mind. More than half of these women are carrying a large burden on their shoulders and are unable to speak about it. They become victims of violence of all forms. Working in a challenging and highly illiterate state of India, namely Bihar, I often wonder if things will ever change for them. 

Jail ministry: Cosmology course sets captives free

Sonoma County, California, Adult Detention Facility. Veteran volunteer, Cece Gannon, retired teacher and therapist, teaches the course. We had designed the 14-week course together in 2008, using materials written by Brian Thomas Swimme, Ph.D. However, in the several years since, the course usually extends to over three months because discussion gets so involved.

The transformative power of Tootsie Pops

Summer in Bullhead City, Arizona, can be grueling. Temperatures (and tempers!) are often above 120 degrees Fahrenheit during the day in this sometimes-drug-plagued town near the intersection of Nevada, California and Arizona on the Colorado River. As a physician assistant working in psychiatry and emergency medicine and also a Racine Dominican associate, I have grown to love working and living in the Southwest, but summers are a definite test of that love.

The Sustainable Development Goals in action

A project in Uganda supported by Microfinancing Partners in Africa (MPA) provides an excellent example of the interconnectedness of the SDGs. MPA was started by Precious Blood Sr. Toni Temporiti in 2006. Following a sabbatical traveling through multiple countries in East Africa where she had the opportunity to talk with many local people, she realized that the people she met were not looking for hand-outs, but simply the opportunity to improve their own lives.