Presentation Sister from India builds a garden of peace in rural Zambia

Sr. Teresita Abraham and the Presentation Sisters purchased land in September about 22 miles outside the town of Kaomain the Zambia’s southwestern province and are now in the process of building and landscaping the property as an eco-spiritual retreat and education center. Local volunteers are taking part in building the “Garden of Oneness” to be a place for quiet connection to the ecological side of spirituality, celebrating the close ties between traditional spiritual practices in Africa and nature.

"Arching overhead blossoms flowerfall into spring. What are our overarching creative ideas that will bring new life?"

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LCWR leaders call Vatican meetings 'rich,' conversational

Leaders of the main representative group of U.S. Catholic sisters said their recent annual trip to Rome to visit Vatican offices was productive and resulted in "very rich" conversations about problems facing the church and society globally. Two of the elected representatives of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious spoke to NCR about the trip in an interview Sunday.

Vatican and LCWR announce end of controversial three-year oversight

A controversial three-year program of Vatican oversight of the main leadership group of U.S. Catholic sisters has come to an end, with the sisters and the church’s doctrinal office announcing that the goal of the oversight “has been accomplished." The Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has accepted a final report of the doctrinal assessment of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, “marking the conclusion” of the oversight, the Vatican announced Thursday.
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Reactions of relief as LCWR oversight ends

Catholic women religious and observers reacted with notable – but muted – relief to Thursday’s news that Vatican oversight of their largest leadership group had ended two years early. The Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has accepted a final report of the doctrinal assessment of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, officials said, ending the controversial investigation of the group that represents 80 percent of the roughly 50,000 women religious in the United States.

Going forward: LCWR after the 'doctrinal assessment'

Commentary - We should all feel a sense of relief now that the whole sad Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith “doctrinal assessment” and oversight “mandate” of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious is history. There’s been reconciliation and this follows months of difficult and, as best we know, honest dialogue between the LCWR leadership and Seattle Archbishop Peter Sartain.

Childhood deferred: Displaced children in Iraq

As our U.S. Dominican Sisters Delegation to Iraq moved from one refugee camp to another in Kurdistan-Iraq, children seemed to be everywhere! It’s not surprising, since over half of the 4 million Iraqis who have been displaced by years of war and recent attacks by ISIS/L, are children. I wondered: How can we, members of the global community, help shape the future of Iraq by advocating for the rights of the Iraqi children now?

At the heart of the matter: Women religious at the United Nations

Thousands of women from throughout the world – including women religious – attended the March meetings of the U.N.’s Commission on the Status of Women and a parallel event known as the NGO CSW Forum, marking the two decades since the 1995 Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action at the U.N.’s Beijing World Conference on Women. “It’s important for women to ‘own things’ – own the issues that are important to women,” said Dominican Sr. Bernadine Karge of Chicago.

Q & A with Sr. Joseph Lourdes Nubla

Maryknoll Sr. Joseph Lourdes Nubla was born in the Philippines, where she attended Holy Ghost College and Maryknoll College, entering the Maryknoll Sisters in New York in 1960. She has served in a variety of posts in Hong Kong since 1964. She is currently a volunteer with Mission for Migrant Workers in Hong Kong, where she is an official interpreter and translator of statements, helping people from Sri Lanka, India, Nepal and elsewhere avoid exploitation by people employing them as domestic servants.

Sr. Helen Prejean urges students to help abolish death penalty in U.S.

Sr. Helen Prejean asked the students a direct question: If in some way you're not engaged in resisting state-sponsored execution, can you be said to be complicit in the person's death? An activist against the death penalty, Prejean is best known as the author of "Dead Man Walking," an account of her friendship with a death-row inmate who was executed in Louisiana that was made into an Academy Award-winning movie. The Sister of St. Joseph gave a luncheon presentation to small groups of students from Juan Diego and Judge Memorial Catholic high schools and Westminster College.

Pope Francis warns religious orders not to accept 'unbalanced' people

Pope Francis has warned against allowing the lower numbers of people entering Catholic religious life to influence decisions about who is healthy and able to take lifelong vows as a priest, brother or sister. On Saturday, the pope told a meeting of an estimated 1,200 formation directors for religious orders they must be "lovingly attentive" to those they are guiding so that "the eventual crisis of quantity does not result in a much graver crisis of quality."