Not whether to help, but how

Responding to Ebola from afar - There are many front lines in a war, and none are more important than another. That’s how Mary Rizzo, the development coordinator for the Bernardine Franciscan Sisters in Reading, Penn., found herself battling the Ebola crisis in Liberia, even though she was nearly 5,000 miles away. Global Sisters Report shares the story of her fundraising that has sent more than $150,000 toward medical care in Africa and is asking you for stories about how others are stepping up to this outbreak.

"If we live the Gospel and focus on building God’s reign through acts of service and love, we can hope for the bonus of heaven’s freedom when we die. Heaven can be a blessed bonus for life abundantly lived, but it is not the goal of living."

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Sisters serving in South Texas 'colonia' win Lumen Christi Award

Three members of the Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary ministering in Texas were named the winners of the Lumen Christi (Light of Christ) Award given each year by Catholic Extension. The three winners – Srs. Carolyn Kosub, Emily Jocson and Fatima Santiago – arrived in the South Texas "colonia" of Penitas, located in the Diocese of Brownsville, in 2003 after a tornado ravaged the poverty-ridden community, and since then have worked with residents to help meet some of their most basic needs.

Laying down new cornerstones in Detroit

In the sprawling city of Detroit, which is regarded as the harbinger of post-industrial, urban America, live women religious, firmly planted, articulating a Catholic presence in a place of drastic transitions. No longer in the convents of their youth, the women endure with their neighbors the vicissitudes of a habitat where crime and abandoned properties are givens and well-functioning municipal services are not – and they are rebuilding church communities to serve as anchors of revitalization.