"So I'm a feminist and you all should be feminists, because feminism is another word for equality."

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Are you school shaped?

GSR Today - In the 1750s when Nano Nagle founded the first of her seven schools in Ireland, the shape of a school was a thatched cottage. It was a school that opened its doors in secret as running a school was a risky business for Catholics. The law forbade it and to be detected was to put oneself in danger of arrest or deportation.

Q & A with Sr. Margaret Farrell, serving Los Angeles' Skid Row

Sr. Margaret Farrell, a Religious Sister of Charity from Ireland who was sent to California as a novice in the late 1980s to serve in Los Angeles' juvenile halls and who has been the spiritual director of Covenant House California since 2001, finds that even today, there are Los Angeles natives who are oblivious to Skid Row's existence.

The mercy-filled life: Mother Teresa embodied what Pope Francis teaches

If there is one person who immersed herself in the "peripheries" Pope Francis is drawn to, it was Blessed Teresa of Kolkata. For many people, the Catholic Church's Year of Mercy will reach its culmination when Pope Francis canonizes Mother Teresa Sept. 4, recognizing the holiness of charity, mercy and courage found in her.

Q & A with Sr. KC Young, teaching mindfulness to current and former inmates

Sr. KC Young, a Dominican Sister of Sinsinawa, works with inmates and ex-inmate through the Freedom Project in Seattle, an educational program that teaches mindfulness and nonviolent communication courses in five prisons throughout Washington. The project was initially founded to work solely in prisons, Young said, but "we realized that because this is transformational work and we're talking about connection, then we need to be connecting with those post-prison as well."