Three new sisters drawn to Maryknoll by simple lifestyle, diversity

Three women who recently took final vows as Maryknoll sisters after a lengthy discernment process said they were drawn to the order by a lifestyle of simplicity, its international presence and the diversity of its mission work. Srs. Abby Avelino, Julia Shideler and Anastasia Lee took their final vows during a Mass attended by nearly 250 people in Westchester County, N.Y., As Maryknoll sisters, they are part of an international order with approximately 500 members serving in 25 countries. In taking their final vows, the women publicly committed to lives of poverty, chastity and obedience.

"How can we help each other to know who we are is a blessing?"

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Untended graves given proper burials by Vietnamese nuns

A decade ago, some Lovers of the Holy Cross of Nha Trang nuns noticed that over 30 graves were in bad condition at Dong Tien parish cemetery. The other tombs were decorated with incense, candles and flowers, as is customary in Vietnam to show respect for the dead. The nuns took it upon themselves to weed the grass and wild plants from those neglected graves. Their ministry inspired others to help rebury unmarked graves into proper tombs in the Catholic cemeteries.

Busy hands build bridge to recovery

Educational training and hands-on therapy are tools to help returning child soldiers in northern Uganda rebuild their lives. One group of Sacred Heart of Jesus sisters adapted programs at Santa Monica school to accommodate the waves of female soldiers returning from the bush with children from Kony’s soldiers, incorporating therapy into vocational training, to equip the girls with tools for economic and emotional independence.
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