Nuns reach out to sex workers in fight against prostitution in the Philippines

Mary Queen of Heaven Missionaries have been encountering sex workers in the field (bars and brothels) for years. The sisters reach out to women and offer them love and listening and, if they want, shelter and a way out of the business, which is driven by poverty. They are also working to prevent entry into prostitution by educating women in rural areas, and they recently have been talking about their work at other dioceses so that the efforts can expand.

Sisters making mainstream headlines

GSR Today - Sr. Anita Jennissen, 81, a Franciscan Sister of Little Falls, is ministering to an increasing number of Central American refugees flooding into McAllen, Texas, where she is spiritual director at Sacred Heart Parish, about 10 miles from the Mexican border. Meanwhile residents of Syracuse, N.Y., are divided on whether they want a former Franciscan convent there to be used as shelter for child immigrants.

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Catholics respond to migrants’ humanitarian crisis

Across the United States, Catholics have stepped in to help the unprecedented numbers of children without parents flooding the border, despite protests, threats, and government reluctance to give access to detained children. Immigration officials have detained nearly 60,000 children without their parents at the southern border since October, more than double the number picked up the year before. Naturally, Catholic sisters are among those offering humanitarian and spiritual assistance.