A piece of the U.S. justice system

There are no bail bondsmen in St. Joseph County, Indiana; for the past 40 years, Holy Cross Sr. Sue Kintzele has been filling that gap, helping families meet the price of getting someone released from jail until their trial date, so they can go to work and take care of their children. "I lot of times, I do it for the mothers and grandmothers – they’re the ones stuck taking care of everyone while the person’s in jail.”

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Nuns to pope: Revoke 15th-century doctrine that allows Christians to seize native land

In November, Sr. Maureen Fiedler hand-delivered a letter to Pope Francis’ ambassador in Washington, D.C., urging the pontiff to renounce a 15th-century church document that justifies the colonization and oppression of indigenous peoples. She doesn’t know if the letter made it to the Vatican. But she’s hopeful a recent resolution by the Leadership Conference of Women Religious will spur the pope to repudiate the centuries-old concept known as the “Doctrine of Discovery.”

'It pierced my heart like a knife,' nun says after visit to Iraqis

Sr. Marie Claude Naddaf, provincial leader of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd for Lebanon and Syria, is still shaken by what she witnessed visiting Irbil, Iraq. Representing the Union of the Superior Generals of women religious in Lebanon, Naddaf accompanied Catholic Near East Welfare Association on its Sept. 2-5 mission.
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A new honesty

See for Yourself - There was a time when we attended conferences with hundreds of participants, all seated in chairs-in-church-row fashion with everyone facing the podium. We all sat in a posture of apparent listening and paying attention. We’re still seated that way – but something has changed.

New Nuns on the Bus tour to tackle political ‘dark money’

This time it’s the Catholic sisters versus the Koch brothers. That’s one way to look at the upcoming Nuns on the Bus tour, which hits the road next week (Sept. 17) for the third time in three years, a month-long trip through 10 key U.S. Senate battleground states to campaign against the influence of outside money on politics.