Judith Best


Judith Best, SSND, is coordinator of www.sturdyroots.org and gives presentations on the heritage of the School Sisters of Notre Dame. She is also exploring evolution as the bridge between science and religion.

Articles by Judith Best

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Wise as serpents, simple as doves Jul 12, 2017 Story : Column
Reflection on the apostolic visitation, 2008-2017 Jul 5, 2017 Story : Column
Betrayal in Holy Week: A lesson for life Apr 10, 2017 Story : Column
The cedars of Nerinx Mar 6, 2017 Story : Column
The Egg and I: Dominican community celebrates Mother Earth Oct 26, 2016 Story : Column
Tending the cry of our mother Sep 29, 2016 Story : Column
Zest for life: Letting go as a contemplative community Jun 2, 2016 Story : Column
Playing in my psychic cinema: Gifts of strangers Mar 29, 2016 Story : Column
The 'sounding solitude' of Scrabble Jan 13, 2016 Story : Column
Rearranging the furniture of my heart: 'Gaudium et Spes' at 50 Dec 7, 2015 Story : Column
Listen to your longing Aug 26, 2014 Story : Column
Making all things new as spring Jul 22, 2014 Story : Column