In Horizons, younger sisters reflect on their lives, ministries, spirituality and the future of religious life.

We're standing on holy ground

We arrive at the memorial already soaked. The rain has been pouring down for about an hour, making our one little umbrella woefully insufficient for our entire group. We huddle in the cab, unwilling to take that first step out into the dark, wet city. We are five Catholic sisters from different corners of the United States, and we are to become a holy trinity of sisterhood marking this spot sacred with our feet.

Cultivating dandelions

The day after the violence in Charlottesville, I was scheduled to speak at a Latino Christian church. That Saturday, as I heard about a car plowing into counterprotesters, I realized that the next day, I, a white woman, would be preaching to a room of people of color.    

The joy of giving it all

Nine years ago, a song in Spanish about asking the Lord to call us to service helped to give language to the love song that my heart had somehow already begun singing — but that still terrified me. Now, as a vowed Sister of Charity of Cincinnati, I am in awe about God's faithfulness.

In tough times, finding the balance

Our modern technology means many people get notifications about news headlines on their smartphones. Their phones beep and blink, alerting them throughout the day when there has been a catastrophe in another corner of the nation or the world. Humans are hollowed into headlines, statistics. In light of this, a sister asks me: "Do we have a limited capacity for encountering suffering and pain? What does it do to the human psyche to receive a constant diet of bad news?"