In Horizons, younger sisters reflect on their lives, ministries, spirituality and the future of religious life.

Tweeting Trump

One cold day in January, I woke up and realized I was in a new relationship. As it happens, so are you.

No matter who we voted for in the November presidential election or what our personal opinions are about the health and integrity of our electoral process, we have a new man in our lives: Donald J. Trump, the person sworn in as president of these United States on Jan. 20, 2017. Because of the outsized impact U.S. economic and military policy have on the rest of the planet, the entire human community is in this relationship.

Holy disruption

I'm what you might call a cradle Catholic. I grew up in the "Catholic ghetto" on the south side of Indianapolis. Everyone I knew, aside from a few Asians and adopted kids at my school, was white and Catholic. My senior year of high school, I experienced a significant holy disruption to the bubble of white privilege in which I lived — a holy disruption that continues to shape my journey today.

What I'm getting for Lent

Lent is about to start, and I'm thinking about what I'll be getting this year. Yes, I know I sound more like a child on Christmas Eve than an adult preparing for a season of repentance and conversion. And while conventional wisdom tells me I should be choosing what I'll give up, I'm not. This Lent, here is what I'm getting and how I hope it'll help me encounter God.