From Where I Stand

Joan Chittister's column has been a popular feature of National Catholic Reporter for many years.

With a new Synod of Bishops comes a new chance to do things right

I remembered an ancient saying not long ago that smacked far too much of the present than it did of the past. "There are only two mistakes on the way to truth," Buddha taught. "One is not going far enough and the other is not starting." I knew right away that we're either on the verge of another mistake – or not. It all depends.

The global sisterhood: nowhere and everywhere

It's a simple story. Some would say “simplistic.” But it didn't feel like that to me the night it happened. I arrived at my destination in Australia on the last flight of the day. The program wouldn't start until late the next afternoon so, travel worn as I was, I wasn't really worried about either the land travel to come or my lodgings. After all, the sisters who were hosting the workshop would meet me at the airport. I would be in bed somewhere within an hour.