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Working on being worthy to be considered role models

Notes from the Field - As a volunteer with the Ursulines working with children, I aim for clarity, wisdom and strength. Clarity helps us see challenges for what they are. Wisdom helps us figure out how to go about these difficulties. Strength allows us to act on our wisdom. This may sound a bit dreamy and optimistic, yet these are vital considerations.

Q & A with Sr. Brittany Harrison, a 'habited hipster,' on connecting with young people

Sr. Brittany Harrison, a Salesian Sister of St. John Bosco, is a regular contributor to Relevant Radio's "Morning Air" show, where she discusses youth culture, social media and Salesian spirituality. She spoke with GSR about internet evangelism and how women religious can connect with young people.

'Tank you'

See for Yourself - The owner and master chef of a small Lebanese restaurant was busy every minute. He personally serviced the patrons, either at self-selected tables or at the counter. He also prepared the food and served it proudly.