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Bloom where you are planted

Notes from the Field - Feeling uprooted by uncertainty, I discerned a new step. I knew that I felt called to a few things: I wanted to learn Spanish in a Spanish-speaking country. I wanted to return to living in an intentional community. And I wanted to explore a new type of social justice work. I hoped to learn more about my life's purpose while still positively contributing to others and the world.

Matthew 25, kindness to strangers inspire Loretto community to respond to Trump

GSR Today - Sisters and co-members of Loretto issued a statement on welcoming the stranger, urging officials to "reject immigration laws and policies at odds with the Gospel value of welcoming the stranger into the United States of America. Meanwhile, U.S. immigration policy is affecting aid workers negatively.

Holy Cross sisters launch '19:33 Offering' to raise money for groups serving immigrants

GSR Today - One thing that is certain about the presidency of Donald Trump: It has caused millions of people to find a new voice in protest. And among them are women religious. Let's be clear: Sisters have always had a voice — and a powerful one — and they've never been afraid to use it.