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GSR Today - A year after we launched Global Sisters Report, we conducted a survey of our readers to find out more about you and how we could improve. It's been two and a half years since then, and it's time we checked in with you again. What do you like about GSR? How can we continue to get better as we head toward our fourth anniversary? 

In Myanmar, slaughter, displacement and '21st-century apartheid'

The once-oppressed have now joined the oppressors in Myanmar. Continuing centuries of suffering and violence in the country's history, the current plight involves Myanmar's army rampaging across the state of Rakhine, killing hundreds and displacing thousands; the country's leader, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, "is chief apologist for this cleansing."

Racism is personal, for us all

GSR Today - The Sarasota Herald-Tribune took on a massive research project of the Florida justice system. "No news organization, university or government agency has ever done such a comprehensive study of sentences handed down by individual judges on a statewide scale." Here is a sample of what reporters found — and why we all should care.