Julie Vieira


Sr. Julie Vieira co-founded A Nun’s Life Ministry, a vibrant online community where Catholic sisters engage with people worldwide around faith, vocation, and finding joy in everyday life. Founded on the Internet in 2006 with Sr. Maxine Kollasch, the ministry is present at aNunsLife.org and in many social media. A Nun's Life is a pioneer in the use of Internet technologies and social networking to bring the centuries-old tradition of religious life in areas such as discernment and vocation into conversation with everyday life in the 21st century. Both Vieira and Kollasch are members of the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary of Monroe, Michigan. Vieira has a master’s degree in theology and in-depth experience in online community engagement and Catholic publishing.

Articles by Julie Vieira

Title Datesort ascending Type
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