Q & A with Sr. Madonna Buder, famous for running Ironman triathlons

Sr. Madonna Buder, an 87-year-old nicknamed "The Iron Nun," began completing Ironman triathlons — swimming 2.4 miles, cycling 112 miles, and running a marathon (26.2 miles) — when she was 47. Since then, she's completed at least 45.written a book, was featured in a 2016 Nike commercial, and traveled the world for speaking engagements. She is a member of the Sisters for Christian Community who lives in Spokane, Washington, and talked to Global Sisters Report about running as an opportunity for mindfulness and prayer.

Exercise schmexercise

See for Yourself - "I just hate to exercise. I've always hated to exercise. The thought of exercising makes me sick." So said a dinner party guest who came along as the friend of a family member. It was a snug group of family members around an efficient dining room table but we all welcomed Tim to join us.

Millennial musings at 30

This week marks my 30th birthday. Like many new members of religious communities, I have mostly lived with sisters many years my senior. I find myself with an awareness of aging, death and human vulnerability that is uncommon among my age peers. In a culture that often ignores these realities, my experiences in intergenerational living yield a complicated mix of gift and grief.