On a roll

I attended a roller derby. I was expecting a brawl-type atmosphere, which was erroneous. Today's roller derby skaters do block and push and pull to accomplish each "jam," but it's done with integrity, good sportsmanship, and skill.

Setting moon, rising sun

What if I were a millennial today searching for a way to fulfill my calling, rather than the baby boomer I am, now settled in religious life? In all honesty, I probably wouldn't consider a traditional religious community today that wasn't actively, creatively engaged in renewing itself. 

The joy of giving it all

Nine years ago, a song in Spanish about asking the Lord to call us to service helped to give language to the love song that my heart had somehow already begun singing — but that still terrified me. Now, as a vowed Sister of Charity of Cincinnati, I am in awe about God's faithfulness.