The gift of perspective

When I first joined the Xavier Community, I could not sit still. A recent college graduate, new to Kansas City and to my job at a local non-profit, I was eager to get involved in as many things as I could. Instead, I moved in with three Sisters of Charity and a few other young women and encountered stillness for the first time.

On World Day of Peace, stories of sisters who survived Hiroshima bombing

While in Hiroshima a few months ago, I interviewed five Catholic sisters: three who witnessed the United States' dropping the atomic bomb; one who arrived in the devastated city two days later; and one who came to Hiroshima as a small child six months after the attack. They shared their memories of that day and how it shaped their lives and vocation.

Mercy bids us to open our hearts

Catholic faith tradition teaches that God continues to reveal the God-self as mercy in the face of Jesus Christ and this same Jesus Christ is made manifest in the lives of Christians. Thus, conforming and configuring to the image of Christ has been the call as well as the challenge before Christians, especially during the Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy.