A call within a call: reflecting and responding

Responding to an invitation in 1997 to teach at a Regional Pastoral Center in the state of Bihar, India, opened my eyes to the extreme deprivation of the people residing there. Teaching social justice and women's empowerment has provided a background showing that the presence of Presentation Sisters makes sense and becomes the driving force to become love poured out to a people who seek an identity.

April 24, 2017

"Christ, after all, wasn't resurrected into a perfect world. He returned to the same place and people who had crucified him days before. The world hadn't changed; the life he lived in it did -- and that, mixed with the promise of faith fulfilled, made all the difference."

The certainty of uncertainty

Each day brings new challenges to our expectations, our traditional values, our long-held ideals. The phenomenon of uncertainty, however, is not limited to national events. It is apparent that all aspects of human experience are subject to some degrees of uncertainty. Realizing this may cause a crack, or at least, send a shiver, to our formerly rock-solid core of belief.