Q & A with Sr. Mary Cecilia Bui Thi Hong Hanh, bringing confidence, solidarity to women

In 2001, Phu Cuong Dominican Sr. Mary Cecilia Bui Thi Hong Hanh launched a savings program for domestic migrant women to cover their children's school fees. Hanh tried to encourage them to save money out of the monthly scholarships their children were awarded from the Binh Trieu Development Center that she runs on the outskirts of the city, offering free elementary education to children in first to fifth grades.

'Sisterhood' features women religious in seven congregations around the world

A seven-part documentary series focuses on the mission and charisms of women religious from Vietnam, Tanzania, the United States and elsewhere. The videos include interviews with sisters and those they serve, and convey the sisters' bonds and sense of community. The videos are available to view on Salt and Light TV's website.

Armed with the rosary, sisters join Venezuela protests

Caracas, Venezuela - Amid a spiraling economic crisis, the government is accused of authoritarianism. Among the protesters is Dominican Sr. Zulay Luján: "My goal is to be with the people, not with any political group, but with the people who are struggling." Protests here were sparked April 1 when the country's Supreme Court attempted to strip the National Assembly, the only opposition-controlled branch of government, of its powers. Protests have continued roughly four days a week since.