Q & A with Sr. Virginia Searing, building peace after decades of Guatemalan civil war

Global Sisters Report spoke with Charity Sr. Virginia Searing, who reflected on decades of work in Guatemala and at the Barbara Ford Peace Center, a nonprofit she co-founded that focuses on human and spiritual development. Searing works to aid the mental health of victims of the Guatemalan civil war.

Sisters help expand coverage and care in model health system of Rwanda

Four Kenyan sisters from the Little Daughters of St. Joseph Congregation run the Muyanza Health Center for the Byomba Diocese, but the missionary sisters are providing more than just health care. Seeing them as a rock of support for the community, residents have begun to accept the sisters into the fabric of their lives. In a country that is trying to outrun the shadow of its own history, trust can be the most precious commodity. And trust is something the sisters are slowly nurturing, despite their outsider status, as residents of Muyanza begin to reveal the terrible things they witnessed.

Sisters in Buenos Aires inspired by pope, take in Syrian refugee family

"When a country is at war, there's no such thing as a safe place," said Fadi Ali, a Syrian refugee currently living with Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus sisters in Buenos Aires. The sisters sponsored him and his family through the Foundation of the Argentine Catholic Commission on Migration in 2015. To Ali, the sisters who took him in are "the best followers" of Jesus, and those who believe in whatever God they want, whatever prophet they want, must consider what those prophets would do today, he said.