Simple action of carrying water in the desert prevents migrant deaths

In the Sonoran Desert northeast of Ajo, Arizona, temperatures can soar to mid-90s in late spring and above 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. This vast, arid landscape of mountain ranges, arroyos and valleys, typical throughout southern Arizona, is where undocumented migrants make a path to find better life in the United States. This is also where hundreds of unfortunate ones have taken their last breath. A number of volunteer groups regularly drop off food and water in various locations in the desert to mitigate this suffering. Recently, Global Sisters Report went on a water mission with Sr. Judy Bourg and the Tucson Samaritans.

Seeking Refuge: Jordan takes in masses of Syrians but prefers they don't stay

A planned refugee camp opened in Jordan in 2014 offers health care, education and food to encourage people fleeing from Syria's war not to settle permanently in urban areas — where 81 percent of them live today. Meanwhile, sisters help make connections to ease refugees' lives in the cities, sometimes being able to do little more than lend an ear.

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Comboni nun says Bedouin, faced with village demolition, feel hopeless

European Union leaders and religious and academic leaders from around the world have criticized the Israeli government's decision to demolish a Jahalin Bedouin village of about 190 people and relocate its residents close to the al-Azaria Palestinian village, on the edge of a garbage dump.

UN grapples with updating definitions of 'migrant' and 'refugee'

World Refugee Day - Who is an official refugee? What makes a migrant? United Nations' definitions govern policy and practice for member countries, and these particular definitions haven't been updated in recent decades. With so many people moved away from their homes — 68.5 million — countries are working on setting up new binding provisions. Negotiation meetings on two new compacts continue next month, with the hope to have them finalized and signed by year's end.