Postville faith leaders, immigrants look back on 10 years since raid

Postville, Iowa - On May 12, 2008, local police and federal immigration agents arrested 400 people at a meat-processing plant — a raid that disrupted hundreds of lives and changed this Iowa town. Ten years later, more than 300 people gathered at St. Bridget Church to mark the anniversary of the raid and to dedicate themselves to enacting change so similar raids do not happen again.

Les Champs de Booz helps vulnerable lone women seeking asylum in France

Paris - In 2003, 23 women religious congregations united to create Les Champs de Booz to help some of the most vulnerable refugees in France: single women who arrive on their own, fleeing a country where they are in danger. With a name inspired by the biblical story of Ruth and Boaz, the ministry helps the women acclimate to France and navigate the process of applying for asylum.

Q & A with Sr. Cypriana Lyu on becoming a refugee in Uganda with her whole parish

Before she found herself uprooted, Sr. Cypriana Lyu and three other Charity Sisters of Jesus were just settling into their new mission in the village of Kerepi, South Sudan. They arrived in South Sudan in 2011, and after a few years of getting to know the community, they had just started building a secondary school for girls.

Asylum seekers in Israel try to weave a safety net as deportation looms

Comboni Missionary Sr. Azezet Kidane thought the worst part of the trauma for the Eritrean asylum seekers she counsels in Israel was already past. But the Eritreans in Tel Aviv, already struggling with poverty, isolation and discrimination, and some healing from torture, now face yet another hurdle: Netanyahu's aggressive and controversial plan to deport African asylum seekers. Deportation is set to begin within weeks.

Working front lines of migrant education, sisters share strategies

The first conference on women religious to be held at the University of Notre Dame's Kylemore Abbey Global Centre in Ireland since it opened two years ago focused on the role of women religious in migrant education. On March 15 and 16, sisters working on the front lines in migrant education in places like Italy, the Philippines, Latin America and Nigeria exchanged information and testimonies with scholars who document sisters' work.