Q & A with Sr. Colleen Jackson, advocating for refugees and asylum-seekers in Australia

Sr. Colleen Jackson talks to GSR about her experience serving as a psychologist, refugee advocate and most recently, an intern at a coalition of Catholic congregations focused on concerns of women and children. Jackson is inspired by the courage, resilience and faith of refugees and asylum-seekers.

Sisters in Buenos Aires inspired by pope, take in Syrian refugee family

"When a country is at war, there's no such thing as a safe place," said Fadi Ali, a Syrian refugee currently living with Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus sisters in Buenos Aires. The sisters sponsored him and his family through the Foundation of the Argentine Catholic Commission on Migration in 2015. To Ali, the sisters who took him in are "the best followers" of Jesus, and those who believe in whatever God they want, whatever prophet they want, must consider what those prophets would do today, he said.

The way it’s supposed to be

I grew up in a home where Dad was an organizer, so we grew up expecting everything to be in order. Dad's workbench had a chalked outline for each tool, arranged from the smallest hammer or screwdriver to the largest. Before we could read, we would line up our Tinker Toy rods by size, shortest to longest. Our building blocks likewise were automatically sorted into small, medium and large.