Federal raids to deport asylum-seekers disrupt aid efforts

Those who work with Central Americans coming across the U.S.-Mexico border say the recent wave of federal raids to round up asylum-seekers for deportation is aimed at sending a message to other would-be immigrants: Don't come to the United States. On Jan. 2 and 3, Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers conducted raids in Georgia, Texas and North Carolina, taking into custody 121 people to be processed for deportation.

Year of migration

Three Stats and a Map - Migration has been a big issue in 2015. Whether it’s the migration of Syrian refugees to places like Europe and Canada, effects of climate change presenting Pacific Islanders with threats of relocation, or talk of Donald Trump building a wall along the souther border of the US, the movement of people has been on most of our minds in some way or another this year.

Syrian refugee families denied parole, now face Christmas in Texas detention centers

From NCR - Three Syrian families may spend Christmas in Texas detention centers after immigration officials denied their parole request last week. The decision angered immigration advocates who called on the Obama administration to release the refugee families saying it violates a federal court ruling.

Lawsuits lining up over detention of families and children

GSR Today - Friday, Oct. 23 came and went without much fanfare, at least in the courtroom. That was the day that Judge Dolly Gee had given the U.S. government to be in compliance with her court order of July 24, 2015, regarding the Department of Homeland Security’s practice of detaining minors from Central America. But outside the courtroom, plenty has been going on.