The Life: Sisters reflect on care for the Earth

Since its start three years ago, Global Sisters Report has provided a forum to "give voice" to women religious from around the world. We're taking that part of our mission a step further in a new monthly feature called The Life, an international panel of 20 sisters who write short reflections on various topics. The second anniversary of Pope Francis' environmental encyclical Laudato Si' inspires the first question for women religious from around the world in GSR's new feature.

Web of Life retreat examines Panama's role in Earth's history

Panama's importance in the history of planet Earth is hard to exaggerate. Nearly 3 million years ago, the iconic land bridge emerged to join two continents and divide a vast ocean in two, opening a bridge to a massive migration of species and shifting of ocean currents. It triggered an ice age and may have helped create conditions that led to the evolution of humans.