Kentucky farm rooted in mission of Dominican Sisters of Peace

The land surrounding the Dominican Sisters of Peace motherhouse has been farmed since 1822.

In the beginning, the sisters farmed the verdant hills to feed the community and the students they taught.

Today, the farm is tended by a farm manager and a part-time farmhand who primarily raise beef cattle.

The heart of the farm's mission is to promote sustainable farming practices and provide quality beef for the sisters and consumers alike, said Danny Spalding, farm manager.

April 10, 2017

"Tell the story from the point of view of the sheep. Or the star. Or the light. Or the stomach of the whale. Point from creation to Christ. Then point back from Christ to creation. Restore creation through redemption. Connect the dots."

Indigenous, accompanied by church, fight for rights in Amazon rainforest

The railroad runs more than 550 miles through 27 communities in the Brazilian Amazon. It runs so close to people's homes that the houses have cracked, and some people have hearing loss.

The trains carry minerals out of the rainforest to the coast. But the tracks separate families from their schools, health centers and fields and, sometimes, the trains stop on the tracks.