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August 25, 2016

"The only way to see a new horizon, though, is to change where you are standing. Like falling asleep on a road trip, we awake to find that the cityscape we once saw has given way to fields of green and a flat horizon."

August 23, 2016

"Whatever defamation of character my enemies are spreading about me, I do not feel the need to justify myself toward them. While discretion obliges me to remain silent, my duty compels me to prevent them from doing any more harm."

August 22, 2016

"Loving, feeling with our neighbors, leads us to transformation. In our solidarity, our neighbors and we learn a deeper understanding of God's mysterious presence among us. We transgress boundaries that perpetuate an "us" and "them." There is no longer a paradigm in which one helps and another receives help."

August 17, 2016

"Mercy, unlike pity, is not simply a passive experience; it is an active virtue. The merciful one will seek first to relieve misery but will not stop there. The causes need to be addressed, and the person supported in the struggle to attain fullness of life."