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Church teaching 'consonant' with practicing medicine, says Dominican Oct 7, 2014 Story : News
'It pierced my heart like a knife,' nun says after visit to Iraqis Sep 11, 2014 Story : News
'My great spirituality keeps me going,' says American Indian nun, 83 Jan 5, 2015 Story : News
'Pray It Forward' social media campaign focuses on sisters' many ministries Mar 12, 2016 Story : News
'Selma' film prompts painful memories for Sister of St. Joseph who marched Mar 5, 2015 Story : News
'The planet is sad': Marchers pray for success of U.N. climate summit Dec 1, 2014 Story : News
5,600-plus sisters call for civility in presidential race Aug 5, 2016 Story : News
Appellate court reverses Oak Ridge Plowshares sabotage conviction May 11, 2015 Story : News
As nuns face off against traffickers, priests asked to join the fight Dec 12, 2014 Story : News
At Honduran airport, church workers welcome migrants deported from U.S. Jan 8, 2015 Story : News
Battle with malaria epidemic shaped career of Mercy Sister who is doctor Apr 29, 2015 Story : News
Benedictine sister helps repeal state law on religious garb in schools Apr 13, 2017 Story : News
Benedictine sisters use social media as way to spread the Gospel Oct 22, 2014 Story : News
BioBlitz helps Mercy sisters catalog all forms of life on Vermont farm Jul 5, 2017 Story : News
Blind students among thousands protesting rape of elderly nun in India Mar 23, 2015 Story : News
British Benedictine, 82, creates mural to capture order's charisms Sep 28, 2017 Story : News
By ministering to immigrants, religious sister's goal 'healing hearts' May 21, 2014 Story : News
Canadian Jesuit favors oxen over tractors in helping Zambian farmers Sep 5, 2014 Story : News
Catholic convent, Maronite village latest targets of vandals in Israel Apr 9, 2014 Story : News
Catholic leaders speak out about policy toward migrant kids, families Jul 21, 2014 Story : News
Catholics to press nuclear weapons ban at U.N. treaty review conference Apr 27, 2015 Story : News
Changing times may call for changes in religious orders, pope says Dec 1, 2014 Story : News
Chinese priests, nuns spend years in U.S. to prepare for leadership Aug 28, 2014 Story : News
Christian leaders hope Palestinian saints can be intercessors for peace May 8, 2015 Story : News
Church is no longer 'church of the poor,' says Indian theologian nun Apr 22, 2016 Story : News