"As soon as I saw Maryknoll I said, 'There, that's something I would be interested in.' "

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A journey marked by pain: Maryknoll Sr. Melinda Roper celebrates life in Central America

From her mission deep in Panama's rainforest, Sr. Melinda Roper embraces a human rights focus much broader than the one that thrust her into the international spotlight nearly four decades ago. Roper was at the helm of the Maryknoll Sisters of St. Dominic on Dec. 2, 1980, when four U.S. churchwomen — two of them Maryknoll sisters — were murdered in El Salvador.

Helen Prejean sways hearts with the power of stories

Over her 36 years of prison ministry, the St. Joseph sister's work has chipped away at U.S. support for the death penalty, fellow activists say: "They don't get argued into thinking differently, they get storied into thinking differently." Sr. Helen Prejean said she never set out to be an activist, especially one advocating on behalf of death row inmates. She spent her early years as a sister working in the suburbs as a middle school teacher, director of religious education at a New Orleans parish and a director of her order's novices.

Spanish-speaking sisters will gather in July for spiritual renewal

Since 2015, the Council of Major Superiors of Women Religious' Intercultural Outreach Committee has presented Esposas de Cristo (Wives of Christ), a summer program to bring together Spanish-speaking sisters from around the U.S. for study, renewal, spiritual formation and networking. The next gathering is July 17-28 in upstate New York.