Amid Philippine anti-drug war, Sr. Nenet Daño shepherds drug users, pushers

In Manila, Sr. Maria Juanita "Nenet" Daño and a group of lay women help drug users and pushers to avoid becoming victims of the government's ongoing anti-drug war, which has claimed thousands of lives. Daño counsels drug users, and she and lay women work with families and comfort those who have lost loved ones to the rash of killings.

'Sisterhood' features women religious in seven congregations around the world

A seven-part documentary series focuses on the mission and charisms of women religious from Vietnam, Tanzania, the United States and elsewhere. The videos include interviews with sisters and those they serve, and convey the sisters' bonds and sense of community. The videos are available to view on Salt and Light TV's website.

"Resist! Sure, we have to stay in the struggle, but savor the flowers and gazpacho and the smell of cut grass this summer."

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Sister finds that faith sustains when institutions fail

Though she feels the church has largely given up on sex abuse victims, Dominican Sr. Sally Butler is not giving up on changing it. She loves the things Pope Francis has said about abuse but says there has been too little action. Because of a discovery in 1993, Butler is unable to believe in the institutional church anymore, even though she has been in religious life for 70 years. But her faith in God, she says, has never been stronger.

Armed with the rosary, sisters join Venezuela protests

Caracas, Venezuela - Amid a spiraling economic crisis, the government is accused of authoritarianism. Among the protesters is Dominican Sr. Zulay Luján: "My goal is to be with the people, not with any political group, but with the people who are struggling." Protests here were sparked April 1 when the country's Supreme Court attempted to strip the National Assembly, the only opposition-controlled branch of government, of its powers. Protests have continued roughly four days a week since.

Reviving historical forms of religious life to meet today's needs

Three congregations of the Sisters of St. Joseph, by different paths, have come back to including agrégées into their vocations. Agrégées were part of the first St. Joseph communities, organized in LePuy, France, around 360 years ago. Now communities in Concordia, Kansas; Erie, Pennsylvania; and Springfield, Massachusetts, have such members again. Global Sisters Report takes a look at these "new" forms and emerging ways of religious life.