The hidden world of addiction and recovery among women religious

Public accounts of mental illness and addictions among sisters have been rare, as have details of treatment and recovery. That may be because of the pervasive shame those illnesses can elicit, as well as a historical tendency for those who struggle with them to be directed only to spend more time in solitary prayer. But that is changing as knowledge and attitudes about mental illness evolve.

"I know God is with me on this journey, so I have no fear."

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Q & A with Sr. Sharon Dillon, executive director of the National Religious Vocation Conference

"I believe everyone has a unique vocation, and I enjoy helping people find what that is," says Sr. Sharon Dillon of the Sisters of St. Joseph of the Third Order of St. Francis. Dillon spoke with Global Sisters Report about her vision for the organization became executive director of in June, and how her past ministries inform her work.

In Myanmar, slaughter, displacement and '21st-century apartheid'

The once-oppressed have now joined the oppressors in Myanmar. Continuing centuries of suffering and violence in the country's history, the current plight involves Myanmar's army rampaging across the state of Rakhine, killing hundreds and displacing thousands; the country's leader, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, "is chief apologist for this cleansing."

Waiting, sheltering, fleeing: Sisters in Florida report Hurricane Irma experience

For the Adrian Dominicans in West Palm Beach, Florida, waiting was the worst part of Hurricane Irma, especially those hours between when the preparations finish as the first winds arrive and when the full fury of the storm begins. Days of frantic prep-work come to a halt, and all you can do is wait, wonder and pray. Global Sisters Report talked to two communities of Dominican Sisters affected by recent catastrophic weather in the nation's southeast.

South Asian congregations join to crusade against human trafficking

Members of the Asian movement of religious against human trafficking comprise about 200 nuns from 63 congregations working in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. The group was founded in 2009 and is now linked with the Talitha Kum international network of consecrated life against human trafficking. They work to educate villagers and school children about the crime, organize vigilance groups and rescue girls from traffickers.

Networking is the new approach to mission

The Life - Collaboration against trafficking. Speaking out on national issues. Sharing formation resources and promoting vocations. In this month's installment of GSR's feature about the lives of women religious around the world, our panelists write about how they are networking within their communities and among congregations and how this collaboration enriches and supports their life and ministry. 

Q & A with Sr. Blanca Griselis, feeding students amid Venezuela's economic crisis

Venezuela's dire economic crisis has started to impact the young students of Santo Angel School outside Caracas. According to Sr. Blanca Griselis, the school's social worker, 35 students currently come to school with little to no food. She spoke with GSR about her efforts to keep students fed and in class.