Science and faith a natural fit for climate change marchers

When you think about women religious, the word "science" may not be the first to spring to mind, but for many if not most Catholic sisters, what has shaped climate study and other scientific disciplines also bolsters their conviction that all life on Earth is interdependent, and that the time to intervene on behalf of a struggling planet is now. Sisters, volunteers and other community associates are traveling to Washington, D.C., for the People's Climate March on April 29 to make that point.

"We want to test the resurrection in our bones. To see if we might live in hope, instead of in the silva oscura, the thicket of cultural despair, nuclear despair, a world of perpetual war. We want to taste the resurrection. May I say we have not been disappointed."

- Fr. Daniel Berrigan, as quoted in Redeem the times! A remembrance of Dan Berrigan, published on

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Q & A with Sr. Colette Hamza, building bridges between Christians and Muslims

Sr. Colette Hamza, a Sister of St. Francis Xavier, lives close to Marseille, France, where a quarter of the population is Muslim. Sister Colette teaches religion to children at a school where the majority of students are Muslim. "Slowly, step by step, we contribute to a better understanding between Muslims and Christians."

New novices start online: study shows sisters could up their internet outreach

Catholic women religious know using the internet to recruit new sisters is effective, and though few have a strategy for exactly how to do that, they're willing to learn, new research shows.

A study released April 18 by A Nun's Life Ministry says most congregations have an online presence — usually a website and a Facebook page — and are eager to further their use of the internet to connect with women discerning a call to religious life.

Deepening the idea of hospitality in New York: Franciscan house is like a mini-UN

Every day, hundreds of people walk up and down the Upper Manhattan block of 97th Street just off of Broadway and pass an inconspicuous brown door. They probably never give it a thought or care. But to knock on that door and be greeted by Sr. Mary Petrosky of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary is to enter a warm, welcoming and comfortable space, one that merges the spirit of a convent with a kind of mini-United Nations.