Healing and trust for tortured women

Since 2006, large waves of refugees fleeing from brutal regimes in Eritrea, Sudan and Ethiopia have made their way to Israel, surviving harrowing journeys with smugglers in harsh desert conditions. Altogether, there are approximately 55,000 African asylum seekers in Israel, 35,000 from Eritrea alone. Sr. Azezet Kidane of Comboni Sisters was honored for her role in exposing existence of torture camps in Sinai desert. Now, she must help her community heal.

"I have noticed in all the serious circumstances of my life that nature always reflected the image of my soul."

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Airstrikes on Syria

Three Stats and a Map - On Sept. 10, President Barack Obama authorized airstrikes in Syria in an effort to combat ISIL, the militant Islamist group that has taken over large portions of Iraq and driven Christians from their homes. Many religious leaders, including Marie Dennis, co-president of Pax Christi International, decried military intervention in Syria, hoping instead for a peaceful diplomatic solution.

Q & A with Dominican Sr. Mary Nguyen Thi Hong Que

Sr. Mary Nguyen Thi Hong Que, a member of Tam Hiep Dominican Sisters based in Bien Hoa City, southern Vietnam, heads the education program of the Ho Chi Minh City archdiocese’s Family Ministry Committee. She is a marriage guidance counselor, busy giving talks on leadership and life-coping skills to Catholic youths, women, lay leaders, priests and women religious throughout the country.

Sisters’ art makes space for the holy

Dominican Srs. Barbara Chenicek and Rita Schlitz, award-winning designers of sacred space, long ago embraced the notion that art is as much about what’s deleted as it is about what’s included – and added their own twist: by becoming one with the communities who hire them, they themselves disappear. They have designed space for Bon Secours Hospital in Grosse Pointe, Mich., and also for the Ursuline community in Chatham, Ontario. But when they were asked to renovate the Dominican Chapel of the Plains in Great Bend, Kan., they really began to think about their process.