". . . .The more unpropitious the situation in which we demonstrate hope, the deeper the hope is. . . ."

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Bounced from St. Catherine-St. Lucy 23 years ago, Sr. Teresita welcomed home

From 1979 when Sr. Teresita Weind was invited by the pastor to join the parish staff, to preach, to minister, until 1991 when another pastor booted her from the parish for overstepping boundaries set by the archdiocese, she had been in the pulpit at least monthly. She had also led retreats, ministered to the sick and helped Carolan and others create and nurture a racially integrated faith community that continued to encompass both Oak Park and Austin, just as St. Catherine's and St. Lucy's parishes had done for a hundred years.

Sisters to march in support of climate change solutions

During a crush of events in New York September 19-28, religious congregations will join a throaty and growing chorus of voices raised in support of an anticipated 2015 global agreement on climate change mitigation. U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon invited governments and private-sector representatives to the ambitious United Nations Climate Summit on Sept. 23 for an early opportunity to commit to substantial, replicable, concrete actions to reduce carbon emissions. A People's Climate March is planned for Sept. 21 and is expected to draw 200,000 to 700,000 participants to Manhattan's west side.

A piece of the U.S. justice system

There are no bail bondsmen in St. Joseph County, Indiana; for the past 40 years, Holy Cross Sr. Sue Kintzele has been filling that gap, helping families meet the price of getting someone released from jail until the trial date, so he or she can go to work and take care of children. "A lot of times, I do it for the mothers and grandmothers – they’re the ones stuck taking care of everyone while the person’s in jail.”