Sisters' clinic sets model of treatment in Vietnam

For two decades, a Hue City clinic established by the Daughters of Mary Immaculate Sisters has treated poor people for free, and the ministrations and dedication of its staff have earned it honor from the church for working compassionately and without compensation to serve people regardless of background. The clinic has even partnered with local Buddhists to provide holistic healing to people living with HIV/AIDS.

"Some of the seed will find its way to good soil. God has promised."

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Q & A with Sheri Shuster, exposing California sex trafficking

Four years ago, Sheri Shuster decided she wanted to raise awareness about sex trafficking in the United States — she just wasn't sure how. She bought a camera and a computer, thinking she might film a public service announcement, but instead ended creating up creating a full documentary. Shuster's debut film, "Still I Rise," tells the story of black sex trafficking victims in California.

Out in the tomato fields: Putting myself in the shoes of farmworkers

Notes from the Field - Every year, this farm sends its crew leaders and human resources personnel to the training we provide at the University of Florida. During the training, the HR manager extended an invitation to two co-workers and me to tour the facilities. Sure enough, a few weeks later, we were on a truck touring the fields.

International sisters play important and growing role in US communities

The number of sisters from other countries who live in the United States is unknown, so Trinity Washington University and the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate are conducting a study to try to count them and measure whether they have come for education or leadership training or to fill ministry roles as missionaries or at parishes — and what kind of support they receive or need.


Wisdom Commentary introduces feminist interpretation of every Bible book

Dominican Sr. Barbara Reid has created a work of feminist biblical interpretation that delves into every book of the Bible. An eight-woman board of feminist scholars helped her coordinate the project, and in November, the first three of what will ultimately be a 58-volume series of feminist biblical commentary were published by Liturgical Press: Hebrews, Haggai and Malachi, and Micah.

Show world God's closeness and care, pope tells religious

An encounter with Jesus changes people's lives, and that should be especially noticeable in those who are consecrated completely to serving God, the church and others, Pope Francis said. "One who has this encounter becomes a witness and makes the encounter possible for others, too," he said Feb. 2, the feast of the Presentation of the Lord.

Sharing voices of sisters in Tanzania and Kenya

There are hundreds of local languages across Africa, filled with sonorous tones that have exact words for the color of the earth after the rain or the time of day when the sun is just peaking over the horizon. To honor the diversity of these languages, Global Sisters Report reached out to non-English-speaking sisters for the first time with a writing workshop in Tanzania that was simultaneously translated into Swahili. Here is some of what they wrote.

Sr. Julia Thundathil serves people with Hansen's disease, discarded from family, ostracized

Augustinian Sr. Julia Thundathil bemoans that Indian society still cannot accept leprosy patients or their children, "despite the fact that it is a curable disease," she says. "People still look at them with contempt. It should change." For more than two decades, she has seen to the needs of 258 lepers from 85 families who live in an enclave she helps manage called Harsha Nagar in a village in central India.