Souljourners program prepares spiritual directors to guide others during journeys

The Souljourners program, a ministry of the Benedictine Sisters at Mount St. Scholastica, is a three-year program for spiritual directors. Ecumenism is key to the program. The experts who instruct students come from all Christian faith backgrounds. The sisters describe the form of direction they teach as "contemplative-evocative."

"All my occupation now is the practice of the love of God."

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Sandra Schneiders: Grounding novices in theology will take shared formation

Notre Dame de Namur Sr. Mary Johnson and Immaculate Heart of Mary Sr. Sandra Schneiders told the Religious Formation Conference that the structure of religious formation needs to be reimagined. The heart of their proposal is a process that includes graduate-level theology, with novices in intercongregational programs.

Wall honors sisters among modern heroes who helped restore justice in Philippines

Remembered in a special way on Dec. 10, International Human Rights Day, are 298 persons who fought and suffered in the Philippines, including many who gave their lives, to end the dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos and martial rule that lasted 14 years. Their names are etched on the black granite Wall of Remembrance of the Bantayog ng mga Bayani (Monument for Heroes) in Quezon City, Metro Manila. Candles are lit, flowers are offered by relatives and friends and activities or programs are often held on this day.

The Life: Ministries change, charisms remain vibrant

The Life - New roles. Social analysis. Diversification. Growth and decline. Collaboration. Freedom. Widened horizons. The Life panelists discuss the creative ways the ministries of their congregations are evolving and how they are moving to ministries of presence, empowerment and systemic change — yet in all their ministries, they see the persistence of their charism.

Silver Lake's work college program carves niche for Franciscan school

Silver Lake College adopted the "earning while learning" method last year, making it the only Catholic work college in the United States. The Wisconsin school, founded by the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity in 1885, is in its second year of requiring students to work 10 hours a week as part of the curriculum. The bulk of the students' earnings go toward their tuition.

Vietnamese sisters help people during severe typhoon season

Women religious congregations in Vietnam are giving emergency aid to those affected by deadly hurricanes and floods in the country's northern and central provinces, responding to a call by the nation's bishops. Two tropical storms, along with landslides and floods caused by driving rain, have severely damaged 14 provinces in the region since August, leaving thousands of people homeless and destroying agriculture in the region.