Association is ready to change the realities of Hispanic sisters in the US

There are about 5,000 Hispanic sisters in the U.S., meeting a growing need. At the same time, the sisters tend to be apart from their communities and can feel disconnected from the wider church. The Association of Hispanic Sisters in the United States, an informal, grassroots network hosting biannual meetings since 2008, has received a grant that will develop its management so as to be able to offer acculturation and ongoing formation services and be a resource to leadership teams in Latin America.

Holy Cross sisters launch '19:33 Offering' to raise money for groups serving immigrants

GSR Today - One thing that is certain about the presidency of Donald Trump: It has caused millions of people to find a new voice in protest. And among them are women religious. Let's be clear: Sisters have always had a voice — and a powerful one — and they've never been afraid to use it.

"It is a constant challenge to be open and not give up, believing that each person is trying to speak her own truth in love, practising forgiveness, trusting that the other does not mean any harm."

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As Venezuela's economic crisis deepens, sisters struggle to bring food to the malnourished

Sr. Teresa Gomez and Sr. Yexci Moreno of the Congregation of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception of Castres have teamed up with Caritas de Venezuela to address the lack of food in their community. Amid Venezuela's faltering economy, they have a preschool that serves 110 children and provides them two meals a day. A Saturday clinic tracks child development and malnourishment, finding more children who need assistance.

Sharing voices of African sisters

In October, when nearly 150 sisters came together in Nairobi from across Africa for the Hilton Foundation and African Sisters Education Collaborative Convening, most of the time was devoted to exploring the future of sisters and their ministries. But before looking forward, it is essential to look back at the stories that shaped each sister. Global Sisters Report led a writing workshop in Nairobi and, here, the sisters tell their stories.