Q & A with Sr. Yudith Pereira, bringing health care, education and peacebuilding to South Sudan

The work of Religious of Jesus and Mary Sr. Yudith Pereira has taken her from her native Madrid to an office in Rome and villages throughout South Sudan. As project manager of the initiative Solidarity with South Sudan, Pereira helps run the program that includes projects in education, health training and pastoral initiatives.

'From poverty to possibility,' sisters' microfinancing projects in Africa

Recently I had the opportunity to travel to Kenya and Tanzania as part of a team from Microfinancing Partners in Africa (MPA) because I serve on its advisory board. Microfinancing Partners in Africa was started by Sr. Toni Temporiti, a Sister of the Most Precious Blood, to provide some funding for microfinancing programs in several African countries. Now the non-profit organization is working with African sisters to start new projects.

Q & A with Sr. Colette Hamza, building bridges between Christians and Muslims

Sr. Colette Hamza, a Sister of St. Francis Xavier, lives close to Marseille, France, where a quarter of the population is Muslim. Sister Colette teaches religion to children at a school where the majority of students are Muslim. "Slowly, step by step, we contribute to a better understanding between Muslims and Christians."

A call within a call: reflecting and responding

Responding to an invitation in 1997 to teach at a Regional Pastoral Center in the state of Bihar, India, opened my eyes to the extreme deprivation of the people residing there. Teaching social justice and women's empowerment has provided a background showing that the presence of Presentation Sisters makes sense and becomes the driving force to become love poured out to a people who seek an identity.

Deepening the idea of hospitality in New York: Franciscan house is like a mini-UN

Every day, hundreds of people walk up and down the Upper Manhattan block of 97th Street just off of Broadway and pass an inconspicuous brown door. They probably never give it a thought or care. But to knock on that door and be greeted by Sr. Mary Petrosky of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary is to enter a warm, welcoming and comfortable space, one that merges the spirit of a convent with a kind of mini-United Nations.