Rajasthan prison crusader follows new call to eastern India

Sr. Mariola Sequeira's curiosity about noises from a prison on the other side of a wall bordering her college led her to become a crusader for the rights of prisoners, poor people and minorities. As the Mission Sister of Ajmer moves on to a new job 1,300 miles away, she leaves a legacy of bold advocacy, especially on behalf of women.

Maryknoll nun receives Matteo Ricci Award for building bridges with China

Maryknoll Sr. Janet Carroll, founding executive director of the U.S. Catholic China Bureau, was the recipient of the organization's 2017 Matteo Ricci Award, an honor bestowed upon people who best exemplify the bureau's mission to build a bridge of friendship and service between the Catholic Church in the United States and China.

The award, named for the 16th-century Jesuit missionary to China, was presented to Carroll at a banquet Aug. 12 during the China bureau's 27th biennial national conference at St. John's University.

Chicago sisters work to bring peace to streets torn by violence

Some tear at the roots of violence by running schools, health clinics or social programs. Others do it in smaller ways, concentrating not on changing neighborhoods or even city blocks, but individual lives. "We're under no illusions," says Dominican Sr. Joanne Delehanty. "Our energy goes into being church and being good neighbors."

Sr. Teresa Maya brings bicultural perspective to LCWR presidency

LCWR 2017 - A familiar Spanish saying defines the experience and worldview of Sr. Teresa Maya: Ni de aquí, ni de allá ("from neither here nor there"). A Mexican-American Sister of Charity of the Incarnate Word, she transitions to become president of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious on Aug. 11, the final night of its annual assembly.

Q & A with Sr. Barbara Paleczny, helping South Sudanese overcome trauma

Sr. Barbara Paleczny, a Canadian School Sister of Notre Dame, has lived in South Sudan for nine years. Based in Juba, she travels throughout the country, her work focused on healing through workshops that offer trauma/psychosocial support for those affected by the country's ongoing civil war, and on training others to lead these workshops.

Q & A with Sr. Martina Leaka, providing vocational training to those who need jobs most

Over the past six years, Sr. Martina Leaka has helped more than 60 young people in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, find meaning in their lives and has prepared them for adulthood by training them at a center called Porter's House. There, they learn skills that enable them to be self-reliant, including sewing and baking products sold across the city.