Q & A with Sr. Imelda Y Biut, helping ethnic women leading religious lives

One religious order was founded in Vietnam expressly to appeal to and encorporate the cultural differences of ethnic minority people living in the country's central highlands. The Filles de la Médaille Miraculeuse Congregation has 150 members serving in 30 different locations in the Kon Tum Diocese, which has about 310,000 Catholics.

March 20, 2017

"Taking this all in, I realized the only thing truly standing between my neighbor and me was the border of my own being. And yet, on the margins, that being is exactly what unites us. It is our brokenness, our blessed and broken being that draws us together in communion and community." 

Despite hardships and famine, Sudan's Nuba people remain generous

A bumpy cargo flight from Nairobi to Juba, South Sudan. Another flight north to the Yida refugee camp, home to 70,000 refugees from the country's civil war, which began in 2011. A warm welcome there, and after lunch, an eight-hour drive on a rough road across the border into Sudan and the Nuba Mountains. Seeing so many people walking long distances under the scorching sun and in extreme heat gave us a reason to bear the discomfort.

Bloom where you are planted

Notes from the Field - Feeling uprooted by uncertainty, I discerned a new step. I knew that I felt called to a few things: I wanted to learn Spanish in a Spanish-speaking country. I wanted to return to living in an intentional community. And I wanted to explore a new type of social justice work. I hoped to learn more about my life's purpose while still positively contributing to others and the world.