Q & A with Sr. Redempta Kabahweza, giving psychosocial support to abused children

Global Sisters Report spoke with Sr. Redempta Kabahweza. As a counselor to children who have survived sexual violence, she hears the children's tales of suffering. She shared how she deals with these traumatic experiences, and how she finds the inner strength to continue fighting for justice.

Helen Prejean sways hearts with the power of stories

Over her 36 years of prison ministry, the St. Joseph sister's work has chipped away at U.S. support for the death penalty, fellow activists say: "They don't get argued into thinking differently, they get storied into thinking differently." Sr. Helen Prejean said she never set out to be an activist, especially one advocating on behalf of death row inmates. She spent her early years as a sister working in the suburbs as a middle school teacher, director of religious education at a New Orleans parish and a director of her order's novices.

Sisters in Erie reclaim sites of violence, make them holy ground

One step in "Making a positive out of a negative," three communities of sisters gather at sites where violence has occurred and invite the larger community to a short vigil with simple elements — prayer, song, holy water — to show support to victims' families and bring awareness about violence in a city of 100,000 people. Take Back The Site began in 1999 and recently marked its 100th vigil.

Nun treats 3,000 babies with motor challenges

One Franciscan Clarist sister is dedicated to providing therapy to children born with physical developmental problems using a technique developed by a Czech pediatric neurologist. Named for the doctor, Vojta treatments improve motor functions like hand flexibility and chewing. The sister says that the reason the treatments are not more widely used in her country of India is due to its lack of profitability.