Zimbabwe at a crossroads

As families in the United States gathered to give thanks for their blessings on Thanksgiving Day this year, families in Zimbabwe gathered to pray for peace and a new beginning for a country that has suffered under the rule of one man for 37 years. I watched the dramatic events of the past week with surprise and with appreciation for the spirit of peace and calm that prevailed. I talked to people.

Ankur school for girls: 'Picking me up from the slums'

Ankur is a home for girls in need, situated on Mira Road in a suburb of Mumbai, India's commercial capital and managed by members of the Spanish Sisters of Charity of St. Anne. Gita Patel and Kalpana Dhile are among hundreds of young women the home has educated to lead a better life over the past 20 years. "We were here for 12 years," said Patel, who left home a few years ago after completing 10th grade. Patel thanks Sr. Primitiva Vela, the home's founder, for "picking me up from the slums and giving me a new life."