Sr. Louise Akers, remembered for her stand against inequality, dies at age 75

Charity Sr. Louise Akers came to national prominence in 2009, when Cincinnati Archbishop Daniel Pilarczyk ordered her to publicly renounce her support for women's ordination. The attempted silencing was painful, but "she didn't bend to pressure. She held on to her convictions, and it made all the difference."

Francis' visit to Chilean prison shines light on Sr. Nelly Leon

Santiago, Chile - Inside the chapel of the San Joaquín central women's penitentiary in Santiago, Chile, the handful of female inmates who met Pope Francis gathered to discuss their awe of and gratitude for the personalized Jan. 16 encounter. And nearly every woman who shared her experience with the Chilean media surrounding the inmates also thanked Good Shepherd Sr. Nelly Leon, head of the country's pastoral efforts in the jail system.

Letter to the editor: Franciscan Sisters of Mary provided opportunities for all women

Recently, a Global Sisters Report headline read: "Reckoning: White sisters respond to their own racism, to one historian's call for justice." The photo under the headline was of a segregated investiture ceremony in 1947 of the first five black Sisters of St. Mary (now the Franciscan Sisters of Mary).

What communication is really about

Notes from the Field - Serving within the Immigrant Outreach Program at Beatitude House in Youngstown has been exceptionally meaningful. One thing we do is help adults improve their English-language skills. We hold numerous conversations with the women who are our students to help them gain confidence in their speaking. Although we tend to discuss simple, everyday matters, we learn about how each person has been shaped by her own life experience.

Some are surprised to learn Catholic sisters support certain issues

U.S. issues like immigration, gun control, racism and petroleum energy expansion are lately more prominent in people's view, especially since the 2016 presidential election, causing some people to notice for the first time that Catholic sisters are activists for social justice and equality. Here's how sisters are reacting to that increased awareness.