From Postville to Pentecost

On May 11, 2018, more than 200 people from around the country gathered at St. Bridget for a prayer service and rally. No longer alone, we have learned anew the value of community in fighting the attacks on our immigrant sisters and brothers. However, we admit to still being confused and afraid of what might happen next in this anti-immigrant, anti-refugee, "throw them all out" climate of 2018. Send us your Spirit, O God!

Reverse diversity

See for Yourself - It was an eye-opening lunch conversation. The manager of environmental services at a manufacturing plant was looking somewhat frazzled. "Sister Nancy, this ain't no picnic job. It's hard! I'm looking around for something else. I can't do this no more."

Where do women stand?

My face was hot with fury. Ecuadorian society already oppresses these women. And now, instead of filling them up with the good news of the Gospel, this man had the audacity to reinforce their subordination. This is all too often the story of women in Catholicism: figuring out where we can stand.