Volunteers eclipse dominant culture

Good Shepherd is one of many religious congregations that supports a volunteer program, and I was with a diverse group of young adults participating in an orientation process for a year with the Good Shepherd Volunteers. I was a general support presence with limited responsibilities, so my days offered opportunity to reflect on what was happening around me. Why are these young people, only recently liberated from a four-year college structure, entering another program rather than pursuing their independent pathways?

Development, human rights, environment -- 'water is at the heart of all of it'

Wielding their power as shareholders to challenge corporations, women religious are teaming up with each other and with other faith groups to ensure companies are water-conscious in their corporate practices. "If one person is speaking to a company, that's one thing. ... When you come to the company, and you have 15 shareholders who are concerned about the issue, it makes a difference.


Ethnic minorities in South Sudan's camps face insecurity in warring nation

South Sudan's future is bound up with fear, something on vivid and visceral display at the large United Nations camps outside of the capital of Juba. At the Protection of Civilians, or POC, Camp #3, nearly 40,000 people are congested into an area that is only a quarter-square mile. As people violently uprooted from their homes, they are trapped, afraid to leave the compound.

Q & A with Colette Parker: 'This is not about the flag. This is about justice'

Colette Parker was excited about the start of the NFL season. But Parker, an associate with the Dominican Sisters of Peace in Ohio, won't be watching her beloved Chicago Bears this fall. Her personal boycott is not because she disagrees with players who are kneeling during the national anthem, though.

As 8th Day Center for Justice enters final year, sisters shepherd center's conclusion

For more than four decades, 8th Day Center for Justice has educated others about the oppressive structures operating in their own backyards. Now, 43 years after 8th Day first opened its doors in downtown Chicago, women religious are shepherding the center through its final year — an intentionally monikered "year of gratitude" that kicks off Sept. 30.

Racism is personal, for us all

GSR Today - The Sarasota Herald-Tribune took on a massive research project of the Florida justice system. "No news organization, university or government agency has ever done such a comprehensive study of sentences handed down by individual judges on a statewide scale." Here is a sample of what reporters found — and why we all should care.