Rajasthan prison crusader follows new call to eastern India

Sr. Mariola Sequeira's curiosity about noises from a prison on the other side of a wall bordering her college led her to become a crusader for the rights of prisoners, poor people and minorities. As the Mission Sister of Ajmer moves on to a new job 1,300 miles away, she leaves a legacy of bold advocacy, especially on behalf of women.

Handmade by God

GSR Today - A 20-something raging extrovert walks into a Benedictine monastery. Sounds like the start of a bad joke, doesn't it? It actually happened. I walked through the doors of Mount Saint Benedict Monastery in Erie and began a 10-week internship with Sr. Joan Chittister.

Research, conversations allow two sisters to change poverty, policy in Canada

Two Sisters of St. Joseph in London, Ontario, run the Office for Systemic Justice, which researches major social issues — poverty, climate change and the environment, human trafficking, indigenous rights, refugees, immigration, etc. — and advocates for policies to improve communities globally. They start with a hyperlocal focus, often a personal story, and work toward alleviating precarious employment, reducing poverty, encouraging improvements in mental health care, and more. 


An integrated, peaceful world

Of the 500 people at a 2009 meeting of religious leaders from around the world, not a single woman was invited. One of the eminent speakers at that conference expressed surprise, pointing out that men who start and fight the wars badly need the presence and contribution of women in the decision-making process in order to create a culture of peace. 

Armed with the rosary, sisters join Venezuela protests

Caracas, Venezuela - Amid a spiraling economic crisis, the government is accused of authoritarianism. Among the protesters is Dominican Sr. Zulay Luján: "My goal is to be with the people, not with any political group, but with the people who are struggling." Protests here were sparked April 1 when the country's Supreme Court attempted to strip the National Assembly, the only opposition-controlled branch of government, of its powers. Protests have continued roughly four days a week since.