See for Yourself

Exercise schmexercise

See for Yourself - "I just hate to exercise. I've always hated to exercise. The thought of exercising makes me sick." So said a dinner party guest who came along as the friend of a family member. It was a snug group of family members around an efficient dining room table but we all welcomed Tim to join us.

We own nice

See for Yourself - Can you imagine having two different work crews for the same job, one "nice" and one "not so great?" During a lunch break at a recent conference, I had the chance to chat with one of the event planners. Because the lunch items were just delicious and so nicely presented, I wanted to thank the planners.

Paying attention

See for Yourself - As I was organizing music for the inter-faith Christian Sunday afternoon service in the chapel of a local physical therapy and rehab center, an older couple walked in. Lou was pushing his wife, Anna, in a wheelchair. They came over to the piano where I was and asked, "Is there a church service this afternoon?"