Notes from the Field

Notes from the Field are reports from young people volunteering in ministries of Catholic sisters.
The project
began in the summer of 2015 when, working with the Catholic Volunteer Network, we enlisted four young women working in Honduras, Thailand, Ethiopia and the United States to blog about their experiences. This sixth round in the series features one volunteer in the Middle East and another in Youngstown, Ohio.

The struggles and joy of a new mission site

Notes from the Field - I was on mission in Jordan for about four months. On Sept. 5, I took a bus to the Salesian Sisters' house in Nazareth, my next mission site. I have heard great things about the sisters' community in Nazareth and, although I was going to miss all the wonderful people I met in Jordan, I was excited about this new mission, which is completely different than the one I had before.

Making music with young Jordanian Christians, Syrian Muslim refugees

Notes from the Field - One of the volunteer projects I enjoyed the most during my stay in Jordan was the Caritas Music Project, offered throughout Jordan and aiming to integrate Syrian Muslim refugee children with Jordanian Christian children, ages 6 through 12. So the Salesian Sisters' house in Amman opened its doors to refugees once again.