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  1. Inmate applies Catholic faith towards becoming a better person

    Camille D'Arienzo Conversations with Sr. Camille - David Hammer, 56,is an inmate serving a life sentence without parole. He talks about his conversion to Catholicism, choices and giving back. Conversations with Sr. C...

    09/04/2015 - 11:54am

  2. Phyllis Zagano

    ... acclaimed Catholic scholar and lecturer on contemporary spirituality and women's issues in the church. Her many books include her ... appointment at Hofstra University, Hempstead, N.Y. Her column "Just Catholic" has appeared in​ National Catholic Reporter   ...

    04/25/2014 - 1:27pm

  3. 'Radical Grace' brings actions of three sisters into wider spotlight

    Lisa Gutierrez "Radical Grace" is the directorial bow of 32-year-old Chicago filmmaker Rebecca Parrish, who by sheer happenstance found herself in the lives of three nuns – Sr. Christine Schenk, Sr. Simone Campbell and Sr. Jean Hughes ...

    06/17/2015 - 8:59am

  4. Tips and tricks for getting around GSR's website

    Tracy Abeln GSR Today - Take a look at some of the features we've built into our site to give you the best experience reading Global Sisters Report . Learn how the maps work, how to navigate to content you want, and more. ...

    05/15/2014 - 12:08pm

  5. Shifting conversations in religious life

    Susan Rose Francois I realized the other day that it was ten years ago this summer that I attended my first vocation retreat. It had become harder and harder to ignore the crazy idea that I should become a Catholic sister. After a few ...

    07/22/2014 - 12:56pm

  6. Women find self-esteem, worth in crochet thanks to sisters' ministry

    Christine Schenk "I lost my job, lost my house, and lost my children to children's services. I was homeless and a former drug addict, but I'm clean and sober for five years now, and I have my own apartment." Simply Spirit...

    04/23/2014 - 9:19am

  7. Sister-composer delights in giving expression to the ordinary

    Camille D'Arienzo St. Joseph Sr. Kathy Sherman Age : 62 Profession: Composer/singer, activist Lives in: La Grange Park, Ill. Conversations with Sr. Camille

    04/16/2014 - 1:27pm