Q & A

Q & A with Sr. Noelene Simmons, battling trafficking in Australia, a 'destination country'

Based in Sydney, Marist Sr. Noelene Simmons lives in a "destination country," or the final stop for trafficked people — in Australia's case, trafficked people from Asia. Simmons is the president of Australian Catholic Religious Against Trafficking in Humans (ACRATH), which is among the many networks of sisters around the globe that combat human trafficking.

Q & A with Sr. Cécile Renouard, encouraging companies to be ecologically and socially responsible

Sr. Cécile Renouard, a graduate of ESSEC, one of the best business schools in France, is both a professor and an actor for change in the economic field. Before joining the Religious of the Assumption, she traveled extensively all around the world. She holds a doctorate in political philosophy and now teaches at ESSEC and at Centre Sèvres, a Jesuit university in Paris. She also continues her research on ethics and economics, promoting a concept of ecologically and socially responsible and sustainable development in corporations around the world.

Q & A with Sr. Lorena Morales, witness to South Sudan's plight

Sr. Lorena Morales' life underwent a drastic change 20 years ago when she left the historically peaceful environment of her native Costa Rica for the violent setting of war-torn Sudan. For Morales, a member of the Comboni Missionary Sisters, it meant leaving the safety of a nation that abolished its army in 1948 after a five-week civil war, the last armed conflict the country was involved in. She has since shared the plight of Sudanese communities caught in fighting that for a total of four decades has battered the northeastern African nation.

Q & A with Sr. Yudith Pereira, bringing health care, education and peacebuilding to South Sudan

The work of Religious of Jesus and Mary Sr. Yudith Pereira has taken her from her native Madrid to an office in Rome and villages throughout South Sudan. As project manager of the initiative Solidarity with South Sudan, Pereira helps run the program that includes projects in education, health training and pastoral initiatives.

Q & A with Sr. Colette Hamza, building bridges between Christians and Muslims

Sr. Colette Hamza, a Sister of St. Francis Xavier, lives close to Marseille, France, where a quarter of the population is Muslim. Sister Colette teaches religion to children at a school where the majority of students are Muslim. "Slowly, step by step, we contribute to a better understanding between Muslims and Christians."